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Kaazing Websocket Gateway - JMS Edition

The Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - JMS Edition, unlocks the data in your enterprise JMS messaging system by extending its reach to Web and mobile clients. Kaazing WebSocket Gateway provides a highly scalable, full-duplex solution adding near-zero latency for JMS compatible messaging systems. Built-in enterprise-grade authentication, authorization and encryption keep your data secure over the Web without sacrificing performance or scalability. No matter which client technology you choose, your developers use the same standard pub/sub JMS API they're already familiar with for rapid application development and deployment. This edition is specifically for JMS-compatible messaging systems and extends the capability of those systems to the Web and mobile.


Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - AMQP Edition

The Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - AMQP Edition, provides highly scalable, near zero-latency, full-duplex communication over the Web between an AMQP-compatible messaging system and a browser or mobile client. Developers can use the same AMQP APIs they already know, enabling rapid development and deployment of Rich Internet Applications that can be indistinguishable from desktop applications.


Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - XMPP Edition

The Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - XMPP Edition, provides highly scalable, near zero-latency full-duplex XMPP communication for chat and other messaging applications. It comes with XMPP client libraries, that allow clients to subscribe from and publish messages to a chat server using XMPP, and includes APIs for status, roster etc... This simplifies integration of chat into your applications, whether it's your own XMPP system or a public one like Google Talk. Traditional Web technologies don’t permit a direct communication between an XMPP server and a Web or mobile client, but open standards-based Kaazing WebSocket Gateway enables just that.


Kaazing WebSocket Gateway – Custom Protocol Edition

The Kaazing WebSocket Gateway – Custom Protocol Edition, provides a highly scalable, near zero-latency, full-duplex solution for enterprise information systems that require custom proprietary protocols. Kaazing WebSocket Gateway extends any TCP-based backend system directly to Web browsers and mobile devices. The Gateway delivers high-performance over the Web while protecting your data with enterprise-grade security. It supports all browsers, including older versions that don't natively support HTML5. The Custom Protocol Edition allows you to implement a standard or custom protocol over WebSocket. If your protocol is JMS, AMQP or XMPP, consider the corresponding Kaazing WebSocket Gateway Edition.


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